The first thing many of us want to buy for our new Westie puppy is a dog bed.There are so many choices when it comes to buying a dog bed for your West Highland White Terrier.

Westie Puppy Beds

West Highland Terrier Puppy Beds


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Westie Dog Bed Types:

  • Round Westie beds
  • Rectangular or square Westie beds
  • Westie beds lined with faux fur
  • Westie beds lined with Tartan fabric
  • Westie Beds lined with checkered fabric
  • Westie beds with legs
  • Westie beds with sides
  • Orthopedic Westie beds

Westie puppies generally are not kind to their dog beds.  They chew them, vomit on them, have ‘accidents’ on them, pull out stuffing, and rip up the covers.  Unfortunately there is no such thing as a chew proof Westie Bed, as the only thing a healthy Westie can’t chew is made from material they would not want to sleep on. However there are some tough fabric beds that may resist modest attempts at chewing. Some Westie puppies might actually swallow pieces of bedding. If you think your Westie Puppy has swallowed bedding material, contact your vet.

Recommended Westie Puppy Beds:  We recommend washable, less expensive small dog beds with sides for Westie Puppies.

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