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Our staff of Westies takes their sleep very seriously.  Check out these reviews of dog beds for West Highland White Terriers. 

Most Recent Westie Bed Reviews:

So, the boys tried this dog bed, and both seemed to like it, though Teddy seemed to use it more.  We couldn't see any markings on it.  Anyone know who makes it?  Review posted: 8/2016

All of our Westies like this bed.  It's from E & E Co.  It has a sheep skin like liner.  Review posted 2/20/17

This is Teddy's favorite Westie Bed.  It's the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Max 4 Camo Pet Bed.  Brian never gets to sleep in this dog bed, because Teddy likes it so much.  And the best part is, if it gets dirty, you can unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine to make it like new again.    Teddy likes it even more than the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Self Warming Pet Bed.

This is the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Self Warming Pet Bed.  Both Brian and Teddy like this bed, although Teddy likes it better.  When given a choice between the couch and the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Self Warming Pet Bed, Brian chooses the couch.  Teddy on the other hand chooses the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Self Warming Pet Bed

Brian is a two year old West Highland White Terrier.  Like most Westies, he'll sleep most anywhere, even on the center console of the car.  However, he does prefer a dog bed that is a little on the firm side, with padded walls to wrap around him and keep him comfy and cozy. 

Here are some other Dog Beds for Westies that we like.

Teddy is the senior citizen of our Westie Clan.  He's adventurous and likes to go fast, but Teddy is a little more fussy about the dog beds he chooses to sleep in.  Although he prefers pillow top dog beds, he also likes dog beds that wrap around him and make him feel comfy.

Please visit our sister site WestieStuff.com